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Celebrating Biosecurity Week 25-29 July

Major Multi-Level Cross Curricula unit where students focus on the steps we all must take to protect our biodiversity from the pests and invasive species which threaten it

 Wildings – The Wrong Tree in the Wrong Place

Students focus on the problems caused by introduced Wilding Pines

 Vote 2022 Local Government Elections.

Students are introduced to the concept of representative democracy and discover the difference between central government and local government.

Bright Ideas

      Multi-Level Bright Ideas across the curriculum in Arts, Health, English, Social Sciences and Maths.

 Conservation Week 5-11 September

       Students will discover why learning outside the classroom is fun and curriculum enriching. 

Digital Resources

6 pages of the latest digital resources available to teachers.

… and many more starters & strategies


Te Kawa O Tangaroa – A brillant new addition to the Science

websites of our Education Websites section.

Te Kawa O Tangaroa - is an ocean-centred learning programme developed by the Marine Stewardship Council which focuses on solutions for the problems caused by overfishing. Using the programme, students will learn how we can ensure that our oceans are 'teeming with fish'.

Select the Education Website link at the top of this page, select Science Websites and scroll down to Te Kawa O Tangaroa

The programme is designed for students in Years 7-10


Backyard Biodiversity Website – A Brilliant Practical Video Series

Backyard Biodiversity is a joint initiative between Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust and the Taranaki Regional Council. Through a series of fun videos, Rotokare and TRC environmental educators Ash and Emily guide you on discovering, protecting, and enhancing backyard habitat for native species.

Use this brilliant backyard adventures to discover what bugs, birds, lizards, and plants have taken up residence in your garden. If your backyard is bursting with biodiversity that’s awesome. If it’s a lifeless desert, we show you how to make your garden irresistible to native wildlife. (Be patient)


Sustainablity Education Dates for April/May 2022 Now Online. 

Check out dates and live links to websites,videos and lessons on Bulletin Board.



A new online game developed by New Zealand disaster recovery agencies is the latest weapon in the war against COVID-19. What’s The Plan Stan? (PANDEMIC) is a free online game developed to teach primary school children how to be prepared for emergencies. Click on the image above to play the game


The following pdfs have been developed by starters for teaching young students at home. All are free and cover English, Mathematics and Visual Arts Topics.

A is for Apple: English

Learning from Games: English

Baking a Cake Maths; (Measurement)

Counting with Graphs: Maths

Introduction to Estimation: Maths

Line, Colour, Texture; (Visual Arts)

Cardboard Printing; (Visual Arts)

Mono-printing; (Visual Arts




 In this Science, Social Sciences and Technology based unit, students discover why and how we depend on aggregate and the major part it plays in our everyday lives and for New Zealand industry. 

By conducting in-depth investigations, students will discover the dozens of ways aggregate is used at school, at home and in their local community – eg roads, houses, footpaths, walls, tennis courts, driveways, patios, airport runways, monuments, drains … etc. The unit concludes by having students explore the major part that rehabilitation of old quarries plays in providing us with beautiful places to enjoy and explore including parks, native reserves, waterways etc and debunks the notion that we should never quarry

Click here to view and download this unit. Subscription only unit.


Science based and cross-curricular activities to explore elements that make up our world and to celebrate over 150 years since the first Periodic Table of Elements that explained what matter is, was published. Through their explorations, students will gain an appreciation of science as a way of explaining the world and discover the ways that scientists need to work together and gather evidence to support their ideas and theories.

Best suited to years 5-10

Click here to download this unit. Subscription only unit.


Looking for Multi-level Ideas and Activities to Teach Your Student at Home?

Lessons, Teaching Ideas and Stimulating Activities/Videos in Different Curriculum Areas,  for Different Age Groups for 'Home Teachers'

Check out these exciting resources and links on Bulletin Board.


Since our Covid-19 virus period began, we have been exploring different ways that starters website can help schools, their teachers and those who will be teaching at home. As you are all aware there is a wealth of free lesson material on starters including the fabulous BP Challenges, starters&strategies Teacher's Magazine and links to valuable educational websites and videos that can be used by 'home teachers'. We are currently putting together a further set of lessons that can easily be used by parents/whanau in homes around the country. 

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