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Welcome to is a web-based subscription resource for schools featuring over 3000 quality pdf, ready-to-use lesson plans including digital resources such as videos and websites that enhance and add depth to the lessons.  

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A major unit about our ONLY native land mammals. Full details and links on Bulletin Board.



starters&strategies Term Two 2018 Now Online 

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Safe Boating is a School Programme for 8-12 year olds.

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Find out about Kauri Dieback Disease. Download pdf at:

Education Kauri Dieback Cross-curriculum resources at:


It's easy to make Environmental Sustainability a major cross-curricular classroom theme in 2018 using our 2018 Sustainability Calendar. 

Education for sustainability is all about challenging and engaging students of all ages to think and act in ways that show respect for and safeguard our precious environment.

The Sustainability Calendar provides web links to events and themes celebrated throughout the year with ideas for teachers to celebrate these events including …

videos, information/websites for student and teacher research, pre-prepared lesson plans, student activities, images and ideas and suggestions for taking class and community action for the sustainability of our environment. 

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